Visitor Policy

*Updated 10.7.22

  • All visitors must self-screen.
  • We must follow CDC guidelines on masking. Masks must be worn if community transmission levels are RED. If community transmission levels are less than RED, masking is suggested. Transmission levels will be posted at the front door.
  • Masking is ALWAYS required for those experiencing COVID symptoms.
  • When in the RED, patients may have 2 visitors at a time between the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm. These visitors can change throughout the day. When transmission levels are less than RED, visitor numbers are not restricted.
  • Visitors between the ages of 6-12 must be accompanied by an adult. Visitors younger than 6 may visit with nurse permission.
  • Emergency Room nurses reserve the right to limit visitors.
  • All visitors are asked to wash their hands before visiting a patient room and after leaving.
  • If a patient has Covid or is testing for Covid, visitors are not allowed.
  • Compassionate exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.